More Than Just Another Realtor: Writing a Book - Nick Raithel - Episode 84Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast! Today we’re going to talk with Nick Raithel, creator of The 7-Hour book, about how writing a book can be your best “calling card.” We’ll also talk about “finding your 25th hour” and other time management tips you can use, and I will fill you in on the details about my Roundbox coaching program. This is a fast-paced episode with lots of good information. So, fasten your seatbelts and get listening!

Check out My Roundbox Coaching Program

Roundbox Coaching has been launched after a year of beta-testing and is now available for everyone. In this episode, I’ll tell you all about it. You can overcome Shiny Object Syndrome and design and clear and consistent plan that fits who you are. I’ll tell you where to get all the information, and even tell you how to get my 15-option business plan page for free. If you’re wanting to design a business plan that fits your personality, strengths, and gifts, my coaching program is for you!

I’m a Realtor. Why should I write a book?

Writing a book is another great media outlet for you as a Realtor. Remember that we are media companies that just happen to sell Real Estate. In this episode, Nick Raithel talks about how becoming an author raises your level of authority and gives you a way to communicate the things you want your client to know, and how your book is a boomerang. Boomerang? You’ll have to listen to find out.

How you can write a book in 7 hours of your time

Most of us don’t feel like we have time for writing a book. Or we have a fear of writing one, because, while we have some really good ideas, we don’t actually know how to write a book. This is where Nick Raithel comes in, with his 7-Hour Book service. In this episode, Nick explains how you can work with him to write your book, in only seven hours of your time, with the confidence that it will be done well by people who understand marketing. Listen in and discover what a great resource this is to get your book to publication.

Finding your 25th hour, and other time management tips from Nick Raithel

Have you found your 25th hour yet? No, I haven’t either. But Nick Raithel has some simple and usable ideas for how you can make the best of the 24 that you have. He will share those with us in this episode, and also will tell us what we can learn from a toddler about time management! Listen in to learn about managing your time, avoiding distractions, and yes, approaching your day like a toddler.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:27] Introduction to the Onion Juice Podcast
  • [2:12] Introduction of today’s guest, Nick Raithel, creator of the 7-hour book.
  • [2:51] Roundbox Coaching program: Design a business that fits your personality, strengths, and gifts.
  • [8:36] Thanks to our sponsors.
  • [10:35] How you can publish a book in just 7 hours of your time.
  • [15:54] I’m a Realtor. Why should I write a book?
  • [20:13] The process of writing a book with The 7-Hour Book.
  • [26:39] Finding your 25th hour.
  • [29:11] Guaranteed way to avoid distractions.
  • [30:49] What can a toddler teach you about time management?

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Neil’s Roundbox Coaching website

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