Making Your Business More Predictable - Episode 77Is your crazy, busy, unpredictable Real Estate schedule eating you alive? Want to have a life, get days off, spend more time with your family, and have your business grow at the same time? In this episode, we’ll talk about what you can do to put some boundaries around your life and grow a successful Real Estate business. Join the conversation and find out practical ways to make your schedule and your income more predictable and take the stress out of your life.

The “Closed on Sunday” mentality – Setting boundaries around your business

Did you know that that open houses do not actually have to be done on Sunday? In this episode, I’ll explain how setting a boundary around your business, such as “I take Sundays off for church and family,” actually raises the level of your authority and clients’ respect for you, and can increase your referrals. Listen in to find out how to adjust your Real Estate schedule to carve out time for yourself and your family, and have it be great for business!

Setting expectations increases client confidence

Communicate expectations up front with your clients. Whether being clear in your first meeting about the days you don’t work, or sending e-mails to be sure they know what’s coming next, you can de-stress your relationship with the client by giving them all the information they need. In this episode, I’ll explain how to use e-mail templates to make this process simple and save you a lot of time and effort and prevent having clients call you in a panic when they receive an unexpected piece of paperwork.

Protect your time and convert your leads with an e-mail scheduler

You can easily set and maintain boundaries in your Real Estate schedule. In this episode, I’ll explain how to use an e-mail scheduler to block off time for your family so that no one can take that from you. I’ll also talk about how to use the scheduler to convert leads, raise the respect that potential clients have for you, and to manage your contingency deadlines. Listen in and learn the principles that will let you relax and enjoy your day off!

Your Real Estate income doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster ride

Tired of riding the up and down waves in your income? Did you know that your commission check is not your income? It’s your revenue. In this episode, I’ll tell you how to manage your revenue so that you have a consistent income, get a paycheck even in the “slump” months, and have money to build your business. Quit being jerked around by unpredictability in your income. There is a better way.

Outline of this great episode

  • [25:00] Welcome to the Onion Juice podcast!
  • [1:49] Intro to this episode on making your business predictable.
  • [4:00] The “Closed on Sunday” mentality – Setting boundaries around your business.
  • [8:04] Using e-mail templates to set and clarify expectations.
  • [12:53] Protect your time and convert your leads with an e-mail scheduler.
  • [17:04] Watch your contingency deadlines, and have a clear, consistent plan.
  • [22:17] Your Real Estate income does not have to be a rollercoaster ride.
  • [24:54] Final thoughts on making your business more predictable

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