Making the Most of Geo Farming and Your Sphere of Influence - Episode 95Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast! I am so pleased to have one of my greatest mentors as our guest today. Dale Schaechterle is the owner of Realty Executives Integrity in Wisconsin and is in his fourth decade of Real Estate. He built his business from the ground up in an area where he knew very few people. On this episode, he tells his story and explains how to promote yourself and build brand recognition. Listen in to hear Dale’s time-tested strategies for building your business through a unique approach to geo farming and your sphere of influence.

Start building brand recognition by letting everyone know every success that you have

When Dale Schaechterle started his Real Estate business in Wisconsin, he didn’t have the resources to begin geo farming on a large scale. Instead, he began to build name recognition by communicating every success he had by targeted promotions to people in that community and price point or category. Listen to this very special episode to hear Dale’s story and how this small beginning turned into his 8×8 approach to promotion and led to long-term success in his Real Estate business.

Use Dale Schaechterle’s 8×8 approach in geo farming to build your Real Estate business

The 8×8 approach that Dale Schaechterle uses to build his Real Estate business is to touch people eight times in eight weeks with something of value, followed by once a month thereafter. On this podcast, Dale talks to me about how this process works and shares specific types of content that you can use for these touches with your geo farm, beginning with a small number of homes. Most of Dale’s listings come from his geo farm. Listen to these episodes to learn how to geo farm without breaking the bank!

Use Dale Schaechterle’s 8×8 approach with your sphere of influence to build your referral base

Dale Schaechterle’s 8×8 approach can be used not only in geo farming, but also in a more intimate way with your sphere of influence. On this episode, he gives us specific examples of how to connect in a meaningful way with eight people, eight times, in eight weeks. At the end of the year, you have around 50 people who know you, love you, and want you to succeed. Most of Dale’s referrals come from this base of people. Listen in to learn how to build a great referral base!

Does your goal come with too high a price?

Dale Schaechterle became the “Top Gun” agent for Realty Executives in the 90’s. But that success came with a price that he realized he didn’t want to continue to pay. On this episode, Dale shares with us openly about how he made the switch from wanting to be #1 to wanting to provide for and have time with his family, and to build a team instead of doing it all himself. Listen in to learn how Dale changed his mindset and his priorities to continue being successful in Real Estate without compromising the relationships that matter the most.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:27] Intro to the Onion Juice podcast, our sponsor, and Roundbox coaching.
  • [4:26] Intro to Dale Schaechterle, one of my greatest mentors.
  • [6:56] Start building brand recognition by letting everyone know every success that you have.
  • [13:45] How the 8×8 approach generated 20-25 sales per year for every 100 people on Dale’s list.
  • [18:13] How to use Dale’s 8×8 approach for getting listings through geo farming.
  • [24:48] How to use Dale’s 8×8 approach to build your referral base with your sphere of influence.
  • [28:57] Why you do not need a huge list to begin geo farming.
  • [32:12] Mail is back in.
  • [35:15] Dale’s Story — Success at too high a price?

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