“Neil, my real estate business has slowed down, what do I do?” Just this week, I have heard from 3-4 agents who feel defeated, and are noticing that the real estate rollercoaster has started to bring some extreme, unexpected dips. I know a few of you are terrified of this, so today I want to encourage you, and give you some rock-solid tips to avoid the extreme dips.

Go back 90 days

Ninety days ago, something happened to cause this unexpected dip you are experiencing right now. At the end of July, you may have taken a vacation, settled into your summer routine, did a few less open houses, or skipped your newsletter because you were in the middle of closing 3-4 deals. Things may have been crazy busy, so you let a few things slide off your plate. Now your plate is empty, and you are hungry. Before blaming the market, take a hard look at the last 90 days, they have a direct effect in the present.

Are you working the three-pillar system?

If you are experiencing an extreme dip, it’s probably because you have not been working within your three-pillar system. Are you chasing every day, does your sphere of influence know you care about them? Are you attracting business? These things are not just random, one-time strategies. These three things make up your entire plan, and most of them (with the exception of the attraction pillar) must be done every single day. That’s where a clear plan comes in. It will work, but only if you do.

Extreme dips can be prevented when you are consistent

I know that the market is not always going to be on an uphill climb. You will experience lots of ups and downs, but extreme dips can be prevented when you are consistent. You NEED to get a clear plan, remove the shiny object syndrome, and declutter your business. You have heard that “casting more nets” is an option, but you can’t pay attention to all of the nets, especially when you are closing multiple deals at the same time. This is why the three pillars are so powerful.

Keep your foot on the pedal even when you are busy

How do you keep your foot on the petal, even when you are busy? This requires a plan that will almost run itself. This is also why you need a coach. Working in your strengths is not just about your personality, it’s also about leveraging the strengths already around you. I can teach you how to do that. The goal is to make your business extremely predictable! Let’s talk about how you are positioned, and how I can help you avoid the real estate rollercoaster!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:15] Preventing the real estate roller coaster ride
  • [1:30] Ninety days ago, something happened to cause this unexpected dip you are experiencing right now
  • [2:45] Are you working the three-pillar system?
  • [4:45] Get a clear plan, declutter your business, and remove shiny object syndrome
  • [6:30] You need to be Matchmaking at least one hour every day
  • [7:45] Keep your foot on the pedal even when you are busy
  • [9:15] Leverage the strengths that are already around you
  • [11:00] The next round of Bootcamps will be launching early November!

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