Hey Juicers, let’s dive into the Instagram TV App! The IGTV app, which will work as a button inside Instagram and as a standalone app, will be displayed full-screen and vertically and won’t be limited by Instagram’s current one-minute length. The app, which is meant to model a traditional TV, will start streaming videos uploaded by one’s followers as soon as it is opened by the user. On this onion juice episode, I will share a few ideas you can use to start producing content on IGTV!

So what is IGTV?

Normal Instagram videos are limited to 1 minute of content, but with the IGTV feature, videos now can be up to an hour long! This is a good and bad thing…most people will not sit and watch you for an hour, but it does give you the freedom to do a full walk-through or document an event, which is super cool!

Go Vertical!

IGTV will only allow you to post in vertical format, so don’t plan on flipping your phone horizontal to get a wide shot…Instagram will crop the edges! This will take some getting used to, especially if you are already posting on YouTube. If you are editing your videos in a secondary program, such as Final Cut Pro, you will have to reformat how the video gets exported to make sure it maintains the vertical layout! Just look at it this way, you have a chance to practice a new skill and learn something new!

Entertain and engage

Remember, people are not jumping on Insta to search for how-tos, or “10 tips,” so remember to keep your content entertaining and engaging. This is still a social channel, so creative, succinct content will yield the best results!

Go behind-the-scenes

The length of the videos will throw some people off, as they will try to include a lot more content. Just remember, respect the platform! Here are a few ideas that may work really well on the new IGTV format! Neighborhood documentaries (plan these ahead of time) may be one great option, as you have enough time to capture detail and point out interesting things. The same concept applies to event documentaries, like open houses. Try going behind-the-scenes…if you are producing an event (like a podcast), set up your phone and record the production side of things…it’s a great way to engage your followers!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] Today we will talk about IGTV!
  • [3:45] Searchable channels allow for a larger platform, which Instagram may never do.
  • [4:30] This is still social content
  • [5:00] Vertical format only!
  • [8:00] Ideas you can use to start producing content on Instagram TV
  • [12:15] This may not be for everyone – beware the shiny object!

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