If you not seeing success as a real estate agent, it’s probably because you are not being consistent. Of all the tactics and strategies available to an agent, I think being consistent with your plan is one of the most critical. It’s easy to chase the “shiny objects” or jump from one strategy to another, especially if you don’t feel like one is working. If you are doing this, you are wasting a lot of time an energy. Here is a silver bullet that you can bank on: work hard consistently. Check out this episode to hear more about how you can develop the right plan, set that plan in motion, then rinse and repeat.

Trust the process

You have probably heard the old adage about the gold miners who were digging, but gave up before striking it rich, just a few feet from the gold. Had they dug a little deeper, they would have seen a payday. The moral of the story? Trust the process. If you have been selling real estate for a while, but not seeing the level of success you desire, it’s either because you are following a plan that doesn’t fit you well, you are not being consistent, or some combination of the two. If you are just starting out, you may need a little more time in the business, combined with a congruent plan. I would love to help you get there. If you have been at it awhile, you may need to focus on one thing, then maximize your efforts.

Department of redundancy department

If you want to see success in one area consistently, you will have to repeat a process over and over again. This makes sense when we are talking about fitness or saving or positive habits…strangely enough, many real estate agents don’t follow this same approach when it comes to growing their business. Assuming that you have a great plan in place, the real power comes from your consistency. If you want to grow your business and develop long-lasting relationships with your sphere of influence, listening to this Onion Juice episode is a great place to start!

Develop a congruent plan

As I mentioned above, having the right plan is critical when considering the best approach to selling real estate. My team is focused on mastering open house events and sending out newsletters. I have been successful with this approach, but that may not be the plan you should follow. The truth is, everything can work if you work it.

The results will outweigh the effort…eventually

When you first start selling real estate, chances are the effort will outweigh the results at first. You will spend a lot of time doing things that don’t seem to be working, which is where “trust the process” comes in. As you stay focused and avoid the shiny distractions, the results will soon outweigh the effort. It will be easier to attract leads, people will seek YOU out, instead of you chasing them, you will start to gain momentum…these are the rewarding moments that mean you are doing something right!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] Consistency is the most important thing in your business
  • [1:30] Trust the process
  • [2:30] For a little while, your efforts will outweigh the results…be patient
  • [5:15] What if you don’t have a process?
  • [9:15] The shiny objects syndrome
  • [10:30] Why you need to take 100% responsibility
  • [13:00] How to develop a congruent plan

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