You might be doing all of the right things to generate new real estate leads…you have a clear plan, you are staying consistent, you are pounding the streets, making calls and sending emails. You have worked hard to sow the seeds. Now, the harvest is ready; the leads are waiting, people are lined up to buy or sell a house, but you are sleeping through the harvest…

Harvesting the fruit

So many of you agents have worked hard to sow the seeds that will bring you new business, but what are you doing while you wait for those seeds to mature and turn into profitable fruit? More importantly, when that fruit is ready to be harvested, are you giving it your full attention, or are you sleeping through the harvest? As agents, it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that we post a few ads or send an email, then just sit back and wait for something to happen. We get lazy, complacent, we make excuses, then wonder why we are not seeing more growth, more profit, etc…

Are you working in excellence?

I know there are areas in your life and business where you are not doing all that you can do, you are not working in excellence. How do I know this? Because there are areas in MY life where I am taking the same approach. It’s not just a real estate thing, it’s a human thing. Often, we rest when we could be sowing seeds. Just because you sent an email or posted a new ad on facebook does not mean you are done. Ask yourself, what do you want your “harvest” to look like? What do you need it to look like to see your life vision realized? Whatever picture you have in your head, you have to sow seeds accordingly and harvest accordingly.

Stop Speaking negativity over yourself and your business

Many of you are limiting your success by the words you speak. “Things slow down in the fall,” “we sell fewer houses this time of year…” Sound familiar? These statements give you an excuse to “sleep through the harvest,” so to speak. They normalize a negative mindset in which you have no control of the outcome. In reality, you have the knowledge, experience, and authority to operate in success and excellence. The harvest season operates on YOUR schedule! If you are struggling with this, the best way I have found to combat the fear and the doubt is to cultivate a lifestyle of gratefulness!

The Neil Mathweg Coaching Program

I just launched the Neil Mathweg Coaching Program Facebook page, and would love to see you guys on there! Once you are in the group, look for the “Offer to Purchase” template I pinned to the top of the page. This is the exact template I use when I send an offer. My whole team uses it, and now, for the first time, it’s available to all of you OJ listeners! I will also be sharing more information about the boot camp launch shortly!

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:00] We have been doing the OJ for almost three years! I need ideas for the 156th episode!
  • [3:30] Harvesting the fruit in your business
  • [5:00] There is no time to rest during the harvest
  • [7:30] Are you working in excellence?
  • [8:45] We cannot coast into fall or winter
  • [10:00] The calendar should not determine when you rest
  • [10:45] Shake off negativity – seasonal business is a probably an example of this
  • [13:00] Cultivating a lifestyle of thanksgiving
  • [14:45] The harvest seasons operates on YOUR Schedule
  • [16:15] What I learned from popcorn
  • [17:45] I just launched the Neil Mathweg Coaching Facebook group!

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