Ep 40 Album coverWelcome to Onion Juice, the podcast aimed at teaching realtors to think outside the box and start attracting business rather than chasing it. This all started 40 episodes ago when I was training another realtor in my office and he said, “This stuff you’re teaching me is a right on! I’m just afraid I’m not going to retain it all. Do you have recordings of it?” Thus was born the series you’re listening to now. It’s designed to help not just that realtor, but all willing realtors learn how to create a dynamic business. Forty episodes and more to come, all chock full of ideas you can put to work for you!


Offer your help and expertise, even when there’s nothing in it for you!


If a prospective client decides to go FSBO, don’t act snubbed and slam the door in their face. Offer to help! Sincerely and with their best interests at heart, offer to talk them through the process. It’s a very complicated process and there are lots of things they need to know, of course. And maybe they’ll use your advice to sell their house. Great! Or maybe they’ll decide they really need a professional’s help in navigating the sale. Who are they going to ask after you’ve been so generous with your expertise? And whichever way they go, who do you think they’ll refer their friends to down the road?


Give, give, give. And don’t worry about what’s in it for you!


Today’s market is a seller’s market, and this inspires a lot of seller confidence. That’s why FSBO’s are so abundant right now. Don’t let that scare you as a realtor! The market will turn; it always does. And in the meantime, give of your knowledge generously. It will always come back to you tenfold. One way or another, generosity and genuinely seeking to help people always comes back to you. In this episode of Onion Juice, I’ll share some specific strategies for helping folks who’ve opted to sell their homes on their own, as well as testimonials about how helping others comes back to you.

Come at life (and business) with an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset!


The abundance mindset doesn’t worry too much about having enough. Instead it allows you to give, give, give, confident that all your generosity will come back to you. Don’t hoard your knowledge or snub those who opt not to do business with you. That ugliness will also come back to you. For instance, if a client tells me they’d like to try selling FSBO, I offer to help them and give them free tips and tools to use. Stay you! Don’t let tough times turn you into a non-giver. Remember, you’re the type of realtor who attracts business, not the type who has to run ragged chasing it. So be attractive. Listen here for some specific strategies for dealing with FSBO’s.


This is your realtor. He’s always a giver. People refer their friends to him. Be like him.


Don’t come at FSBO’s with scare tactics and lectures: “You wouldn’t do your own surgery, would you?” and the like. That just sounds like a snarky sales pitch. Total turn off. In this podcast, I’ll tell you some specific points I like to go over with folks considering selling on their own. I freely offer them all my insights as a realtor. Often they’ll come on their own to the conclusion that they just might need a professional’s help after all, or that they’re really not going to pocket that 6% they were hoping to save by going it alone. Listen here to also learn how to get the list of questions I use with new and prospective clients, as well as the letter I send out to FSBO’s. Start attracting business instead of chasing it!

Outline of this great episode


  • [0:28] Onion Juice is “over the hill” and we’re pumped about it!
  • [3:40] Don’t stop giving of yourself during difficult times, and here’s why.
  • [7:11] This week in social media: Microsoft, new FB emojis, and anti-spam on Periscope, and more.
  • [8:50] Educate and empower people; yes, even FSBO’s!
  • [15:11] Council FSBO’s to set up a buffer for themselves when going it alone.
  • [19:15] What if you didn’t know a client was going FSBO, or if they flat out lied to you?
  • [23:30] A word about the letter I send out to FSBO’s that you can use too.

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