Do you have what it takes to reach your real estate goals? Almost every agent I know has an idea of what success looks like for them. I’m sure that even as you read this you are picturing what it would look like to reach that eagerly desired place. So what’s holding you back? Seriously. If I had to take a guess it would be that you are believing lies about yourself and your business that are keeping you from achieving your true potential. Limiting beliefs are putting a ceiling on your profits and growth. NOW is the time to take a hard look in the mirror and break out of the common mold! Let me help you eliminate the limits on your real estate goals.

Stop making discipline a bad word

If I were to tell you that the path to reaching all of your real estate goals is an easy one I would be lying to you. It’s not. However, that path is far from an impossible path to walk. It just takes discipline. Yeah, I said it. You have to begin making good decisions for yourself and your business consistently without indulging in distractions or taking the easy way out. I know how difficult that can be. My personal weight loss journey has taught me that making the right choices daily is difficult, but it’s also critical to my success. This is true for you too! Stop making discipline a bad word and start doing what is necessary to get your business healthy and growing.

Know you’re heading in the right direction

It’s easy to get lost in the vast world of real estate marketing strategies. Like I’ve said before, the problem with having so many different approaches available is that most of them work on a limited basis. You can end up functioning more like a scattered shotgun when you need to be a laser-focused sniper rifle. Targeting the right tactics is what will get you to your real estate goals. You will never have to guess if you’re headed in the right direction if you use your three pillars to develop a clear plan. Let me show you how to go from being lost to establishing a legacy with your real estate business.

Stop letting what you can’t see limit you

It’s CRAZY to me how many new or stuck agents are not interested in coaching. I get wanting to figure things out for yourself, but friends, let’s work smarter and not harder. An outside perspective can be a game changer in developing an effective strategy as well as providing the accountability needed to stick to it. This has never been more clear to me than in my own journey to lose weight and get healthy. For the first time ever, I have someone coaching me and that has given me the skills I need to not only get results but also stay successful. This is why I do what I do. I rarely have an agent come to me with a flawless business plan. There are always a few blind spots that I can help them correct in order to get to the next level. Today I’m going to help you see some of the things you’ve been missing so that nothing will hold you back from achieving your real estate goals.

Don’t stop fighting to be an uncommon real estate agent

“Neil, no one is doing the things you’re telling us to do.” I hear that all the time. It’s easy to get discouraged when you are working twice as hard as the agent next to you. Here’s the thing: While they might be working to build today, you are working to build tomorrow. Having a clear plan, working off of a three-pillar system, and remaining consistent are all things that build a legacy and not just a paycheck. Eighty percent of real estate agents drop out of this business and that is the last thing I want for you. Not only that, but I want you to thrive in the real estate business and not just survive. That will only happen if you commit yourself to being an uncommon real estate agent for the long haul. But you’re not alone! I’m here to help.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:33] The wonderful wisdom of Will Smith
  • [3:43] Why one good decision isn’t enough
  • [5:02] Are you dedicated enough to reach your real estate goals?
  • [8:17] How to know you’re going in the right direction
  • [10:00] Coaching is the key to checking your blind spots
  • [12:14] Keeping up the fight against being a common real estate agent

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