Is your attraction pillar becoming a distraction? The attraction pillar is the fun stuff…social media, Facebook ads, YouTube Videos, LinkedIn Content, among other things. I say all the time that we are media companies that happen to sell real estate. But, for many of you, your attraction pillar is actually distracting you, and your sphere of influence and your chase pillar are suffering. If this is you, I want to help you course correct, and learn how to balance your attraction, your chase, and your sphere of influence.

Is your attraction pillar becoming a distraction?

Shoutout to Zach and Ally from The Reality A to Z, who said “don’t let your attraction pillar become a distraction,” which inspired me to record this episode! Great advice, guys!

I would love to work on my attraction pillar all the time, who wouldn’t? It’s fun to create and content and Vlog and host events. I think many of you feel the same way. The problem is, your attraction pillar can actually distract you from the work that needs to be done in your chase pillar and your sphere of influence. I know several of you that have amazing attraction pillars, and those will eventually bring you more business…but for now, you have to chase it.

Do not put attraction above sphere or chase. You will starve

If you take a close look at who is liking and sharing your content online, you will find that less than 50% of your sphere of influence are the ones on Facebook or Youtube. Across all of my media platforms, most of the likes and comments come from photographers, videographers, and foodies. I love those guys, but they are not the ones who will be referring me or sending me leads. After nearly a year of hosting the I Love Madison Show, I JUST got two POSSIBLE leads that may turn into business. If I was relying on ILM for all my business, I would be starving. The vast majority of the clients I have worked with come from my chase pillar and my sphere of influence. If you don’t have a database, that’s where you need to start. An excel spreadsheet and a mailing list. Simple.

How can you be the only agent with a mic?

Imagine that you put one hundred people in a room, and give ten of them mics and a message to communicate. Who do you listen to? Probably the person with the loudest mic, or best message, right? How do you sort through all the noise? That’s social media right…Now imagine you have the same number of people, but only one mic. That’s kind of what creating content on LinkedIn is like right now. Only 1% of people are creating content…the rest are consuming. LinkedIn has this unique position of being both an attraction pillar, as well as a chase pillar…at least for now…

The attraction pillar is your recess

After your newsletters are sent out, your open houses are done, and your sphere of influence knows they are loved, you can take a recess. The attraction pillar is your recess. What content can you create to highlight your personality and passion? It’s time to publish that post, write another article, make a guest appearance on a podcast…the list goes on. This is your reward for making sure your chase pillar and sphere of influence are solid!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:30] Is your attraction pillar becoming a distraction?
  • [4:25] Focus on your sphere of influence, attraction might just prevent you from growing.
  • [8:30] Don’t forget your core
  • [9:45] Do not put attraction above sphere or chase. You will starve.
  • [12:30] An excel spreadsheet may just be your most powerful tool
  • [14:00] Less than 50% of your sphere will be sharing your content online
  • [16:00] Your sphere of influence needs to be invested in
  • [17:35] Do you want to be the only agent with the mic?
  • [22:45] The attraction pillar is your recess

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