Creative Social Media Solutions To Up Your Game - Episode 105I’ve said it so many times it probably doesn’t need to be said again – but hey, you may be new to The Onion Juice podcast so I’m GOING to say it again – SOCIAL MEDIA IS SUPPOSED TO BE SOCIAL! That’s why I think you should not be automating it. I know, it takes a lot of time – but good relationships do take a lot of time. That’s the whole point. You need to get out of the mindset that social is a tool and get it INTO your mind that social media is about relationships. On this episode, I’m going to share some creative social media solutions I learned from Neal Schaeffer at his recent conference, so strap yourself in – this one is like drinking from a firehose!

Here is why you should NOT be automating your social media.

The average person on social media is on it a lot. A LOT. That means they know when they’ve seen the same content more than once. Or twice. Or three times. Stop and think that through. If you’ve got your social media set up on autopilot through some scheduling tool, the people who WERE interested in what you have to share are starting to think that you don’t really care about building a relationship with them, but rather are just using social as a tool to further your own ends. That’s actually HURTING your brand if it’s the case. On this episode, I’m going to make my case for why you should STOP automating your social media!

Here’s a smart social media solution that promotes you without being self-promotional

For a long time, I’ve been telling you that you should NOT be posting pictures of your clients standing beside the “sold” sign in front of their new home. But at the social media conference I just attended that idea got tweaked and now I’ve figured out a way to use those photos in a way that squeezes all the Onion Juice goodness out of it. It has to do with Instagram, providing smart resources to your clients, and a win-win partnership with them that celebrates their new chapter in life. Are you curious now? I hope so – give this episode a listen!

Here is one of the best things that could happen to you because of your use of social media.

I’ve never really gotten what the big deal is with Twitter. It’s just too face paced for me and I feel like I get lost in the stream of stuff people are posting. But I’ve posted here and there regardless, following hashtags having to do with my hometown of Madison, WI, etc. And you know what? I got the best opportunity I could have imagined simply because I was doing that. What was it? Here’s a hint: It gave me broad exposure to people in my target market and panted me in a very positive light. Care to guess? You don’t have to if you listen to this episode of the Onion Juice podcast.

I just discovered a mindset about LinkedIn that is pure GOLD!

Have you ever noticed that LinkedIn is the only social media platform that informs you when somebody you don’t know has checked out your profile? It’s true. For a while now I’ve just ignored those notifications, thinking of them like I would a junk email. But at Neal Schaeffer’s conference, I was handed a gem of an idea. What would I do if I owned a retail store and somebody came by to see what my business was all about? You know what I’d do… I’d be introducing myself and asking how I could help! Why don’t we do that with LinkedIn when somebody knocks on our door? This is just one of the tips I got from the conference that is going to help me up the game on my social media use. Find out more of them on this episode.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:24] Why the Onion Juice focus is to attract instead of chase!
  • [7:08] Why you should NOT be automating your social media. It’s hurting your brand.
  • [8:42] Instagramable moments could be powerful for you! Here’s a hack!
  • [10:03] Why digital marketing is more than social media.
  • [13:17] One of the best things that could happen to you because of your use of social.
  • [15:20] The cool thing I’ve learned about LinkedIn: treat it like you’re a retail store owner.
  • [17:55] Effective social media solutions need to include making face to face meetings.
  • [22:05] Neal Schaeffer’s 9 – 1- 1 formula and why it really works well.

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