Being a Media Company that Happens to Sell Real Estate - by Writing About Other Things, with Frank Konsella - Episode 91If you have been around the Onion Juice Podcast for long, you already know that we strive to be media companies that happen to sell Real Estate. On today’s episode, we are going to give it a bit of a new twist — being a media company that happens to sell Real Estate, that doesn’t talk about Real Estate. It’s true. Producing content on other topics can help you attract business. And we are all about attracting business instead of chasing it. So listen in and learn how you can sell Real Estate while publishing content about other things!

Frank Konsella connects with potential clients through his backcountry skiing blog!

Frank Konsella is a Real Estate agent in Crested Butte, Colorado. There are over 50 “14-ers” (14,000-ft peaks) in the Colorado mountains, and Frank’s passion is skiing those peaks. He started a blog that connects him with others who share his interest. On this episode, he shares how that blog has become the source of 25% of his Real Estate business, even though it is not about Real Estate! What are you passionate about? Listen to today’s interview with Frank Konsella and start thinking about content that would connect you with like-minded people who could become future clients.

Frank Konsella’s new book will provide opportunities for him to meet new potential clients

Because of Frank Konsella’s blog about skiing 14-ers in Colorado, he has been asked to write a book on the same topic, and to do a book tour throughout Colorado. In this episode, he shares his excitement about the way that this will open up more opportunities to meet people who may want to purchase Real Estate in the small town of Crested Butte, Colorado. Listen to today’s podcast interview and get motivated to start thinking about content that you can use to connect with people in your community.

Topics you can use for non-Real-Estate content in your media

We’re talking about being a media company that happens to sell Real Estate, by publishing content that is not about Real Estate. On today’s podcast interview with Frank Konsella, Frank and I discuss the benefits of being a Real Estate agent who creates content on other topics that are helpful to people and attract like-minded people to you. Not everyone can live in a Colorado ski town like Frank does. But there are topics you can write about no matter where you live, and Frank and I do a little brainstorming on those topics on today’s episode. Listen in and start getting ideas for non-Real-Estate content you can produce.

Attracting business instead of chasing it means playing for the long game

There’s no doubt about it – when you are first starting out as a Realtor you have to chase business. And “chase” is one of the pillars of our business plan. But the “attract” pillar is the one we want to develop and use for the long-game. In this episode, Frank Konsella and I talk about how being a media company that happens to sell Real Estate is a long-term strategy that really pays off. And being a media company means promoting what you are passionate about — not just Real Estate! Listen to this podcast to find out how you can publish content on almost any topic and have it send up helping your business.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast!
  • [1:58] Neil’s Roundbox Coaching program info.
  • [2:58] Grow a tribe by publishing content that is not about Real Estate.
  • [7:35] Thanks to and details about our sponsors, Knight Barry Title and Easy Agent Pro.
  • [10:13] Today’s guest, Frank Konsella of Crested Butte, CO.
  • [12:45] How Frank connects with clients via his backcountry skiing blog.
  • [15:18] How the book Frank is writing will help him connect with even more potential clients.
  • [16:25] Does Frank recommend this model for others?
  • [17:46] Why Frank loves doing blogs.
  • [18:42] Topics that you could write about, wherever you live.
  • [20:45] How Frank further monetizes his site.
  • [21:41] Frank’s words of encouragement for other agents.

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