I recently had a coaching student ask me about making a growth Investment. He said, “Neil, if you had $10,000 to invest in your business where would you put it?” This is a great question! Most people, my coaching student included, would think to put that money into their attraction pillar. After all, isn’t that what will grow your business? You BET it can! But if you are a new or a stuck real estate agent that is NOT where you should be putting your money. Today I want to show you the best areas to make a growth investment for your real estate business.

Strengthen the heart of your business

I always say that attraction pillars are like recess in elementary school. Who doesn’t love recess? There is a lot of fun to be had. However, that fun can steal valuable time and money you just don’t have as a new or stuck real estate agent. What you need to invest in is your chase, which honestly, is the heart of our business. An effective chase will generate solid leads and actual revenue that you can use to build your team and reinvest back into your business. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! I’m going to give you all the ways you can stop wasting time and start making growth investments.

Avoid the attraction identity crisis

So many well-meaning agents find themselves trying to BE other successful realtors because they think that will make them successful. Even I have tried to replicate the magic of the people I admire. Adopting certain habits and even strategies of thriving realtors can be helpful. This is why I do coaching in the first place! But if you spend all of your energy and resources trying to copy the latest attraction sensation you are missing out on your greatest growth investment: YOU. Being yourself and working within your own skillset will save you a TON of time and keep you from letting your attraction become a distraction. So just be you! Because you my friend, are awesome.

You need a clear growth investment gameplan

Are you a new agent who doesn’t have a clue where to start? Or have you been at this real estate thing for a while and you just feel stuck? It’s likely that you don’t have a clear gameplan and I want to help. Bootcamp is starting up soon and it is designed to declutter your strategy and create a tailored approach to how you should be running your business. Let me help you create consistency in your approach and your revenue stream through six weeks of live teaching and an hour of Q and A each session. Join me to learn the things that have allowed me to make quality growth investments in my business. Sign up for the next Bootcamp!

It’s time to go deeper

After great feedback from the Onion Juice Facebook group, I discovered that there is a desire from a lot of you to go deeper. You don’t just want to listen to good ideas, you want to learn how to do the things I talk about on this podcast. Of course, Bootcamp is one way you can do that, but it can only go so far. There is a whole world of other content you need to know and I want to teach you. I’m about to launch a paid Facebook group that will offer monthly e-courses based on the needs of the group. Learn about what YOU want to learn about! Short of one-on-one coaching this will be the most tailored experience I’ve ever offered. Make a serious growth investment in yourself and sign up for this group before it starts.

Outline of this great episode

[0:35] What would you do with $10,000 to make a growth investment?

[1:16] A successful attraction pillar does not always mean revenue

[6:47] The best investment to grow your real estate business

[10:45] Don’t let your attraction create an identity crisis

[13:54] 3 ways you can invest in the growth of your business

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