An Onion Juice Smorgasbord of Tips for Your Real Estate Business - Episode 98Welcome, Juicers! It has been a month since I stepped down as CEO and went back into Real Estate sales, and on this episode I’m going to fill you in on how it’s going! I’m excited about getting back into the sales side of the Real Estate business, and I think that being back in the trenches with you will make be a better coach as well. Listen to today’s episode to hear what I’ve been learning over the last month as I’m starting over. Everything I’m learning can help your Real Estate business, too!

Use the three pillars of my Real Estate business plan for clarity and consistency

My business plan has three main pillars: Sphere of Influence, Chase, and Attract. On today’s episode, I’ll share what I am currently doing with each of these pillars as I restart my Real Estate business. I’ll talk about leading edge ideas as well as why there are some things I still do old-school! Listen in for tips you can use for your business as you hear about how I’m paying for my newsletters, some ideas I have for using Facebook Ads, and the exciting plans for my new iHeart Madison show!

The “must-do’s” of the Real Estate business

One of the things that I love about my three-pillar business plan is that it allows a lot of flexibility and room for personal style instead of trying to make everyone conform to one way of doing things. But in addition to that flexible plan, there are some “must-do’s” that every Real Estate agent needs to include for maximum success in their business. On this episode I’ll mention a couple of these essential activities, explain why building your Top 25 is a significant “must-do” and share what’s happening in my own business as I’m starting to make my Top 25 connections.

How to use talent stacking to grow your business presence

I love photography. But until recently I didn’t really share my photos. I was talking about this with Jason Kotecki of Escape Adulthood, and he suggested that I use talent stacking to link my photography, my Real Estate business, and my iHeart Madison show so that each one draws business to the others. What talents do you have that could be stacked? Listen to this episode of The Onion Juice Podcast to find out how it’s done!

Things I have learned this month that you need to know for your Real Estate business

This has been a big month. As I am launching myself back into the sales side of Real Estate I have talked with a lot of people and have learned a lot from them. This episode is a virtual smorgasbord of what I have been hearing and have started putting into practice. Does the ROI of social media matter? What does it mean to be net positive? How do I ditch the fear of online reviews? Listen in for the answers to these questions and more. And don’t forget to send in your audio “roast” of the Onion Juice Podcast or yours truly for our upcoming 100th episode!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:35] Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast!
  • [3:15] 100th episode coming – Please send in audio file roasting Neil or the show.
  • [4:20] Shout out to sponsors, Knight Barry Title and Easy Agent Pro.
  • [5:25] Roundbox coaching. Clarity and consistency for your business.
  • [9:01] Going old-school with newsletters for my sphere of influence.
  • [10:42] A Facebook ad idea for my “chase.”
  • [12:34] The joy and benefits of building my Top 25.
  • [18:40] The must-do’s for your Real Estate business.
  • [19:26] Use talent stacking to grow your business presence.
  • [23:29] What does it mean to be “net positive?”
  • [25:27] Does the ROI of social media matter?
  • [27:38] Ditching the fear of online reviews.
  • [29:39] Reach out to me – I love to hear how you’re doing.
  • [30:03] Don’t forget to send in your roasts of the Onion Juice Podcast and yours truly.

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