It is a little bit crazy when I think about the fact that I have been recording for the OJ podcast for nearly three years! Episode 156 will officially be the three-year mark, but I wanted to use this episode (150) to share a few of the life lessons that I have learned recently! I have been learning some amazing things about mindset, so I hope you will find these things as inspirational and life-changing as I have! Thanks for listening, you can expect more ear-guzzling awesomeness in the future!

64 Gifts

Recently, my wife and I attended the Escape Adulthood Summit, hosted by Jason Kotecki from Escape Adulthood. Jason’s mission is to annihilate Adultitis and help people create better lives and businesses. During the summit, Jason brought up the idea of the Crayola box crayon box that had 64 different colors (yes, the one with the crayon sharpener!). If you had that box as a kid, you were considered super cool! Instead of crayons, Jason asked each person in attendance to write down 64 gifts or talents that we had. The skills could be simple, usually small talents we take for granted. After writing down a list of 64 of my talents or skills, I have to say I felt pretty good! This was a powerful reminder to me, and I think it could be for you as well! I wanna know, what 64 things are you good at?

You can’t fill a moving cup!

You have heard the phrase “I need to fill my cup.” Many of you realize that you are all poured out, and you need to recharge, but you don’t slow down long enough to let that happen. If you need to fill your cup, make sure you are finding the time to rest. After all, you can’t fill a moving cup!

I’m telling for a friend

I think people need to share more inspiring stories of kindness, but the problem is, it’s hard to do something kind for another person, then tell the story. It feels like bragging, right? Sure. That doesn’t change the fact that we need to spread more kindness. You know the phrase “I’m asking for a friend,” usually brought up when something is embarrassing? What if we started “telling for a friend” when someone does something kind? Make somebody’s day by being kind to them, or inspire new acts of kindness by “telling for a friend.”

Your 99-year old self wrote you a letter

Have you ever written yourself a letter? I recently participated in an exercise where I wrote to myself from the perspective of my 99-year old self! What would that guy say? What would he regret not doing? For me, the 99-year old talked about consistency with my current projects and encouraged me to stay the course. He’s a wise guy! I am learning to heed his advice! If you want the same experience, write me a letter (to yourself), and mail it to me, and after six months, I will print it out and send it to you!

Fear is a liar

Here is a simple truth: Fear is a liar. I used to struggle with anxiety and fear. It riddled my life to the point where I was taking medication to try and fix it, to no avail. I did not see a change in my anxiety until a friend taught me to take authority of that fear, and command it to leave! Fear comes from the enemy, but I have the authority, as do you, to rise above that fear and realize it is just a clever lie. What fears are riddling your life and stealing your joy? You don’t have to settle…I didn’t, and my life is absolutely better as a result! If you want to hear more of my story, I would love to share, and inspire you on towards a life without fear!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] It’s almost the 3 year mark for the OJ, and I want to talk to you about what I have been learning!
  • [1:45] 64 Gifts
  • [6:30] You cannot fill a moving cup
  • [7:15] I’m telling for a friend
  • [11:00] Write a letter from your 99 year old self
  • [15:15] Fear is a liar

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