Quentin Allums aka “Q” joins me today to share 10 tips you can use to start creating content on LinkedIn! Q is the CEO of ie.eg, a storytelling company, and the founder of the Misfits community. He is also the reason I am so excited about LinkedIn, and the possibility it holds for content creators and influencers! Listen to this episode, it could be the launch pad you need to start influencing on LinkedIn!

Q established his brand around storytelling

After a failed startup, Q decided to post a video on LinkedIn every day. For the next 500 days, Q talked about his life, his failed startup and a collection of stories. At first, no one seemed to be watching. Then one of his videos hit 30,000 views, and he realized that people were paying attention. Now he has amassed more than 3 million views on the platform and travels the world as a speaker and influencer, and his company helps other entrepreneurs and companies create effective content on LinkedIn.

Now is the time to create content

Q’s advice to agents or other people who want to get started on LinkedIn is this: Now is the time to create content! There are more than 10 million users on LinkedIn (and growing), but less than 1% of them are creating content. He compares it to Facebook in 2011-2012, or YouTube in 2006. For real estate agents specifically, he recommends talking about broad subjects, as they will appeal to a greater audience. If you need some ideas on how to do this, check out his profile!


It can be hard to see when people share your content on LinkedIn, so Q recommends creating a unique hashtag for your brand. This will help you track where your content goes, who is sharing it, etc. For him, he wanted people to see his content, but also realize that he’s just a normal guy producing content. #JustQ on LinkedIn will display a whole library of his posts, reposts, and videos. It also helps tell his story…THAT is a great content strategy!

Q shares 10 LinkedIn tips to get you started

#1: Just start – If only 1% of all LinkedIn users are producing content, it means your material will be seen more.

#2: Use a great profile photo – Make sure people can see your face. This is your first impression, make it count!

#3: Use a great cover photo – If you live in Milwaukee and are trying to do business there, your cover photo should somehow relate to that place or subject.

#4: Use Video – video plays on all the senses, and it’s the best way for people to get to know you in the least amount of time.

#5: Put your ear to the ground – see what’s working, watch what other people are producing, and always look for ways to improve

#6: Message people – the core of LinkedIn is relationship building.

#7: Create a hashtag – #JustQ is the perfect example. It’s trackable and it tells part of his story.

#8: Go to events – At some point, the relationships you are building must go beyond the screen. Get out and connect with people, start a LinkedIn local, etc.

#9: Put Calls to Action (CTAs) in your profile – Once people have connected with you, tell them why that connection is so important to you, or what you want them to do.

#10: Optimize your profile – Make sure that your descriptions, bio, and content clearly reflect who you are and what you are trying to do.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:45] Neil Introduces Q
  • [4:30] Q Established his brand around storytelling
  • [7:15] #JustQ
  • [8:45] What would you say to someone who is brand new to LinkedIn?
  • [10:30] The power of LinkedIn
  • [12:15] #1. Just start
  • [12:45] #2. Use a great profile photo
  • [12:50] #3. Use a great cover photo
  • [13:15] 4. Use Video
  • [13:45] 5. Put your ear to the ground
  • [14:00] 6. Message people
  • [14:15] 7. Create a hashtag
  • [14:20] 8. Go to events
  • [14:30] 9. Use Calls to Action
  • [15:00] 10. Optimize your profile
  • [17:00] LinkedIn is a discovery platform
  • [19:00] Put your head down for 30-60 days and see what happens.

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