Juicers, It is time to crush fear. It’s time to pursue the success you talk about, but are afraid to actually achieve. It’s time to recognize your enemy, call him out, then move past all of the doubt and start living the full life you were designed for. You can no longer afford to put your dreams and goals on hold. The world needs your creativity, leadership, business ideas and influence now more than ever. Fear is the only thing holding you back…

The fear of success

Many of you agents are saying “we want to crush it” or “I’m ready to take my business to the next level,” but in reality, you are afraid of what would happen if you actually reached that level of success. Maybe you worked a deal, but it took all of your attention and time, and you are afraid if you have more deals, you won’t be able to handle it all. You might be thinking “even if I got that deal, I wouldn’t know what to say…” You see, fear has an excuse for everything. It will tell you that you are not smart enough, organized enough, skilled enough, influential enough, or worthy of the success you are pursuing. This stops today. Today, we collectively declare that the enemy has no power over our success, that fear is a liar!

Get Angry!

You have an enemy that does not want you to succeed! That enemy only has power as long as you let fear run your life. That enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy everything that you are working on, and he uses fear to do it! To overcome that, it requires to get angry at the enemy (not at each other, mind you), call him out and strip him of his power! If that sounds like I’m preaching, good! You know best where fear has been given free reign in your life or business. Maybe it’s hiring a coach, or hitting a sales goal. As you eliminate fear, your confidence grows, and your way of thinking starts to shift.

I delayed a dream for nine months because I was afraid

When I started the I Love Madison show, I had a goal of connecting trailing spouses, business leaders and members of the community. For nine months, I planned an I Love Madison meetup to help accomplish that goal. Did it actually take nine months to plan? No. It took 15 minutes, and one Instagram message, but I was afraid it wouldn’t be perfect. After stressing over all the details, I finally hosted the event, and it was awesome! All of the people who attended said the format (no agenda) was exactly what they needed. I met some local influencers and connectors, a team member of mine was blessed with some new business for his media company, and 25 or so members of the Madison community connected. Imagine the blessings that would have been missed if I was still operating in fear. When you eliminate fear, often those around you are blessed as a result. If you don’t eliminate fear, you might be indirectly causing those closest to you to suffer.

Coaching Bootcamp

Fear is a liar. Got it? Let’s switch gears for a moment…

I have been building a program designed for real estate agents who want to learn and launch. Unlike the roundbox coaching program that I have been using, this new coaching program will be a 6-week boot camp-style program designed to teach you, encourage and launch you! I will be launching this program in September and will be providing more information in the coming weeks. The format will be live online classes, with one hour of instruction, followed by one hour of Q&A. I will also be offering 1-1 coaching and group coaching sessions. Stay tuned, I will provide you with more details soon!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:15] Fear is a liar!
  • [2:45] The amazing OJ Sponsors
  • [3:15] The fear of success
  • [5:15] Fear has an excuse for everything
  • [7:45] Get mad at the enemy!
  • [9:00] The I Love Madison Meetup took me 9 months to launch because I was afraid.
  • [13:00] Are you putting your dreams on hold because of fear?
  • [18:45] The Neil Mathweg Coaching Program

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